Think outside the box!

I remember being asleep one day last year and was awakened by this voice “Think outside the box” I jumped up because the voice sounded audible like it came from outside of me but it wasn’t coming from the outside it was coming from within. Think outside the box 📦. Think outside the box I kept meditating on that statement. What is God saying?? We often put God in a box and limit His power in and through us. We resist anything that “we’re not used to” and place limitations on Him! It is dangerous to get to a point where we resist change because things have always been this way, or this is how we always do it. Instead of immediately being dismissive or resistant ,pray and ask the Father is this you Lord? It’s not wise to go up against God. We know that the Holy Spirit is a perfect gentleman and will not override your will. You will only go as far as you’re willingness to yield. If you believe you can only go to level two and no further than that is where you will end. Ask your self this question -Do I truly believe God is who He says He is? I’ve made up my mind to believe God ! Man is fickle ! God is the only constant ! I challenge you today to take the limits of God. Don’t box Him in! Choose this day to think outside the box! Be blessed.

Let’s pray…

Father it’s in the name of Jesus that we come before you! We thank you for life. We thank you for being so faithful to us even when we’re not faithful to you. Forgive our debts as we HAVE forgiven our debtors [letting go of both the wrong and resentment]. Empower us by your Holy Spirit to live this life. Help us to not place limitations on you or ourselves! We want to fulfill your divine purpose. We love you. In Jesus’ name .Amen!

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