Examine yourself!

The word of God instructs us to examine ourselves. 2 Corinthians 13:5 ( Amplified Version) ” Test and evaluate yourselves to see whether you are in the faith and living your lives as [committed] believers. Examine yourselves….” It is imperative that we as believers (followers of the way) examine ourselves and our walk with God to ensure that we are still in the faith. Many of us believe because we belong to a local body we are in a good place. But ask yourself how much of the word of God is evident in your life? How much of the word are we allowing to renew our minds? I’m not speaking of perfection but the condition of the heart! It’s not enough to routinely attend ”church service”, participant in activities, go home, repeat Sunday after Sunday for the rest of your days! Church as usual doesn’t cut it . People come, leave, come, leave, come, leave (you get the point) and nothing has changed. You keep coming and leaving in the same condition. Something is wrong with that! Once again, I’m not speaking of a life of perfection. We all have areas in our lives that have to be brought under subjection to the power of the Holy Spirit. However, there should be SOME evidence of change. Quite often the only time our bibles are cracked open is on Sunday and left closed until the next week. How is your mind being renewed by the word-if your not reading it? Do we pray (commune with our Father)? Is it just during service??? God is calling us higher. There’s so much more and so much He desires to communicate to us!! I’ve been striving to maintain that flow… I have to sacrifice even more to maintain and continuously develop that connection. How can we go through life apart from Him especially in this dark world? I need more than my emotions tickled . We need the word to combat the devil. We need a prayer life to combat the devil. But hey, if church as usual is all that you want, so be it. It’s doesn’t do it for me-never have and it never will. You have to ask yourself this very important question :Am I born again??? That doesn’t mean joining yourself to a local assembly. That means asking God to save /rescue you from your sins, believing that Jesus died on the cross for your sins (paid the penalty) and rose from the dead and through Him has restored fellowship between you and the Father. You have to want to serve Him. It’s personal it’s between you and the Father. I exhort you today that if you do not have the assurance of salvation that you cry out to God and be saved. In the end, if you are not saved all of the other “church”activities don’t matter! Shake yourself , examine yourself, see if you really are in the Faith! I’m praying for you as well as myself that we can stand before Him unashamed and confident that we have fulfilled our purpose here on earth and displayed the love of God!

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