Luke 24:5

Luke 24:5

Why seek ye the living among the dead?

In this passage of scripture, the women went to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus. However upon arrival they discovered that his body was not there . The angels wanted to know why they came to seek the living among the dead.

What is dead? Dead is defined as 1) deprived of life, no longer alive 2) having the appearance of death, 3) lacking the power to move or feel. As I read and meditated on this passage I began to think about my life and how many things I am connected to that have no life – dead. At one point it could have been rewarding , edifying but now it’s lifeless.

Why are seeking the living among the dead? Are we seeking to hear from God in a place that’s lifeless-dead? Are we connected to people and in relationships that are not producing life but are draining and dead? Are we so religious that we continue to relate to God in ways that are no longer fruitful- dead? Is our prayer life on fire or are we habitually just repeating words and have no relationship-dead? In this year let us seek to disconnect from everything and everyone that is not producing life -that is dead. Let us cultivate our relationship first and foremost with our Father and then be sensitive and discerning to see who and what we should be joining ourselves to. Let us not waste time on things that are not conducive to life, the abundant life!

Let us pray.

Father in the name of Jesus we thank you. We thank you for life, thank you for mercies that are renewed daily. We thank you for your ultimate sacrifice …. Father I pray in this new coming year that you connect us to people and things that will further propel us into purpose. Help us to be disciplined and diligent as we seek after you and your will. Remove all those people and things that are no longer producing life and continue to cover us under the blood of Jesus Christ. We love you. Amen !

8 thoughts on “Luke 24:5

  1. Amen , I’m thankful for this post of encouragement. A right on time reminder to speak life into things and let go of things no longer serving purpose . May God continue to provide all the things we need to push us into our purpose with fierceful faith and confidence. I see opportuntiy coming to pass in the next few months beginnings, new testimonies, renewed faith and trust in God … in Jesus name. Amen.


  2. As always giving me something to wanna be better! Realizing that We/I expect God to make all these changes, because he can without any assistance from us however, we want to continue doing the same things! When we became his Children, we became New Creatures, New Mindsets we should have, meaning we may have to let go of some people and things!!


    1. So true. I was in prayer last week asking for strategies on how to gain victory over some areas of my life and the response I received was – you haven’t even resisted the devil. You opened the door and let him in … I was like wow and you are so right Father ….


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