As years pass by and life happens I am learning more and more about myself. I am confronting areas of insecurity, low self esteem, faithlessness, strongholds, immaturity etc and guess what it’s refreshing. I am enjoying the journey of learning of and walking in who God created me to be. Not allowing people to influence and shape me into who they think I should be, react how they think I should react, live how they think I should live. I am being delivered from people and ohhhh the feeling is amazing. In this season I am focusing on myself and allowing the Father to reveal myself to me (and it can be painful when He reveals who you are to you)…. Oh but It’s necessary and It’s for our good. So in this season let’s focus on self and not what this one is or isn’t doing, how we feel this one should behave or not behave, how much this one should have grown and the list goes on. If we focus so much on what someone else is doing we neglect the areas of our lives that need to be brought into subjection!. The Father wants us to pray and intercede for our brothers and sisters, our families , friends and the world . We can’t fix anyone because we can’t fix or save ourselves. We are not Holy Ghost juniors (speaking to myself first) all we need to do is pray, trust God and confront if led to. It is also ok to disconnect from people and situations that are not fruitful.

Let’s pray ….. Father it’s in the name of Jesus that we come before you , thanking you and praising you for your son’s sacrifice so we can be reconciled to you. Thank you for the opportunity to commune with you and love on you! We ask Lord that you help us to focus on allowing the Holy Spirit to shape and mold us into the image of your dear son. Cause us to deny self and desire to walk in the plan and purpose you have for our lives. Let’s us be ever mindful of our brothers and sisters and to cover them in prayer and allow the work of the Holy Spirit to change them. Help us to be example of your love in this world . In Jesus’ name.. Amen

6 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Good stuff here. I have been so consumed by others and all the “not fruitful” stuff that I’m realizing more and more that it’s blocking all that I need and desire in this season. God is so merciful that even in this, He still makes clear His intentions…we have to be willing to submit and allow Him to do what only He can! In this season, I surrender it all! Amen!


    1. Wow Convicted! Yes POWERFUL Nakeia & Truth yes it will set one Free! Had a recent situation and it was REVEALED to me on the Spot, however My/Our God is Awesome! That’s why.
      (Psalm 119:11) Thy word I have hidden in my Heart, so I may sin AGAINST THEE. No may not be one of my FAVORITE SCRIPTURES! 🙄But a Daily reminder, to want to more CHRIST LIKE, displaying the Fruits of the Spirit,Love,Patience,long suffering, gentleness etc.
      Nakeia keep allowing GOD TO USE YOU!


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